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It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you at Stay Ahead institute Higher education in field of Medical & Engineering has always been the first choice of every individual who has keen interest to make their career in the field of Science & Technology.It is not because of Social status, prestige or the wealth one achieves after getting into it, but because of the values and dedication which a child puts in to achieve a top rank in after getting into it but because of the values and dedication which a child puts into achieve a top rank in the entrance held at the national level. A top rank gives a confidence to achieve anything, at any stage of life with a strong desire, will & determination power.

In my vast career I personally feel that to do best in such competitive examinations, an aspirant must have three things;

  1. Interest (One must enjoy the subjects studying during preparation),
  2. Talent (Intellectually bright to understand the laws of science and eager to know the hidden consequences)
  3. Resource (In the form of books, teacher, guide, etc.

If anyone is missing out of these three, one cannot achieve success. And Here we come as a team in life of students as a resource to nurture the natural ability to achieve best at the top level in Medical and Engineering entrance examinations. Our goal is to empower your dreams into reality with sheer dedication and hard work.

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